A most helpful discussion of PBN Content for you sirs.

Every pbn needs content, that is for sure. But what sort of content it needs, is a matter of discussion. In my opinion, your content needs depend on your approach to private blog networks and to what kind of value you want to create. Value? What does that mean? Keep on reading to find out more.

The way this article is gonna work is that i’m going to discuss several content creation methods. But let’s always keep in mind, that private blog network costs can quickly get out of hand. That’s why we are going to try to find ways to keep costs down.

1. Handwritten, Unique Content

Your first option is to have a real writer create unique articles for you. Expensive? You bet it is! Of course, you wouldn’t want to get a literary professor to write your pieces, but order articles from a cheap content mill such as hirewriters.

This approach comes with several benefits. For one, you have a chance of actually having your pbn sites pass manual review. If that does not interest you, proper articles can also rank you for money keyword, allowing you make money off your pbn by monetizing it directly. I found that spun crap is rankable, but it works poorly and only for long long long tails.

It also stands to reason, that crappy articles do not confer much trust and limit ad CTR.

Well, as for the downsides there is high costs. Do you really want to spend 5-10$ minimum for every piece of content? This can really ad up and if you don’t have deep pockets, this solution is hard to scale. Some people get around it by having a VA curate content. That means, you post a snippet of text e.g a press release and then have your writer comment on it, making the piece indexable.

2. Archived Content

With some pbn hosting services, you have the option of restoring the former content of an expired domain. This can be quite neat since it allows you to put unique, handwritten content on your network domain. This only works if the former site had proper content to begin with though. There are also tools that scrape the wayback archives for this old content and crosscheck copyscape.

The downsides are obvious: You do not own that content and can get DCMA notices or even worse – depending on your jurisdiction. In most cases you’ll be fine, but this approach is not completly risk free…but then, also super cheap & high quality. Restoring a complete, legit site also comes with the highest chance of passing manual review.

3. PLR Content / Syndication

Not much to say about this one. You can fill your site with private label articles or press releases. Problem is, that this sort of content does not index well at all. One way around it is to comment on the pieces you post, or mix and mash RSS feeds so it becomes sort of unique. I personally would not do that exclusively but have no hard data to back up my disdain for this method. So try it and let me know.

4. Spun content

There are many levels of spun content. Some reads quite OK and if you have someone to scrape articles, spin them with wordai or spinrewriter, correct grammar errors all the better. There are also service providers that create superspun articles for you.

That means, they manually write a few article variations on the paragraph and sentence level, then do synonym spinning. I’ve tried that and the articles you can output do have almost 100% correct grammar and spelling, but are super dull and meaningless.

If you don’t give a shit at all, i would simply use seo content machine, connect your favourite spinner and let it rip. This is probably the most cost effective and easy way to obtain vast quantities of pbn content.

You probably won’t pass manual review, won’t rank for much but the pages will index. I have no idea how and if google devalues links coming from spun article pages. All i do know is, that links from ranking pages are more valuable..oh damnit, i’m talking too much again.


Do what your budget allows for, don’t waste money, calculate your risk tolerance and don’t forget: Relax, it’s just SEO.

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