This PBN Hosting Review Will Help you Build a Military Grade MOFO of a PBN Network!

If you are reading this, you probably have a keen interest in SEO. Good, so i do not have too tell you what a PBN is. Or do i? If you are visiting forums such as Blackhatworld, you might believe, that the acronym PBN stands for „Public Blog Network“ but of course, a linkbuilding network should be as private as possible. Privacy starts with a good pbn hosting solution. It makes no sense to invest all your monies in something that will give you away.

Ranking #1 gives me the butterflies”Steve P., Seo Anonymous.

Find out how pbn hosting can help your SEO. Don’t be a sad pooch, now!


You need a system that allows you to quickly and securely scale pbn site creation – and to manage your sites efficiently. In this Review, i’m taking a closer look at, a cloud based hosting provider that makes bold claims from „unlimited [IP] diversity“ to „launching new domains in seconds“. The question is: Can this Service keep its promises or do we have to look elswhere to host our networks?

PBNs in 2017/2018

Before we start, it is of paramount importance, to make sure we are on the same page, whjen it comes to greyhat seo. Of course, we all want to make money quickly. Perhaps that is the reason why you have started Online Marketing in the first place. But things have changed. More and more SEOers quit Blackhat/Greyhat Seo in favour of doing everything „above board“.

Is it safer to do outreach and beg for links? Maybe. Is it way way way more expensive while offering less less less control than your own pbn network. Yes, in some cases. Let me elaborate…

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to creating PBN Sites.

“Gooooood boi!!” Linkbuilding

If you are „a good boy“, you create PBN Properties that look and feel like Moneysites. They’re all handwritten, unique content. They feature a logo, Terms of Service, About & Privacy Pages. Since these properties are basically indistinguishable from normal Websites, they would pass a manual review with flying colors.

If you are working for or owning an agency with high level clients to report to, playing it safe might be the best option. The downside would be: Extravagant costs! Let’s say you are getting 5000 words of content written at 2 cents per word. That is 100$ in in content alone. Site setup, logo, premium hosting…this can all add up to 200+$ for one site in the first year.

If these sites are paying their own rent (following bluehatseos wisdom) or if you have client funding, that might not be a problem. You could even hire someone like pbnfox to build out sites for you at 160$ a pop or so.

But if you can train your VA to do good outreach, the cost per link would be way lower. Of course you’d still be able to use your PBN Network as a real asset, might even sell posts on them or reuse if for other project of yours.

But make no mistake: Playing it nice, comes with a high up front cost! (Not if you are a pooch though…)



Being naugh-teyyyy…..

Being a little bit naughty, also comes with its distinct advantages and disadvantages. First of all, let me define what i mean by that: Scaling quickly with spun content and exploiting as many (expired) domains as possible. The properties a naughty boy creates, do not look fab at all. Basic Themes, barely readable content created in bulk by somthing like seo content machine and spun by spinrewriter or wordai.

These properties would NOT pass a manual review by google. It’s clear that they were made for exploiting link equity only. You can’t show these links to most clients, but if you are doing affiliate for yourself who cares? You’ve got full control over your anchors and where you are building your links on.

Moreover, have you ever tried to find guestpost opportunities for your genital warts site? What about your casino, rx, payday loan sites? Some niches lend themselves to more shady, (semi)automated linkbuilding. Especially in these high caliber niches, with high penalization rates, it is imperative to be able to scale quickly without spending much money.

If you are a thrill seeker like i am, and like to play rough, pbn hosting is for you.

For those who are unsure, here are the Pros and Cons of this Service and my Evaluation.

Click here to check out their pricing.


IP and Nameserver Diversity

Well, of course. Most people are super concerned about footprints, even though they are only running a few dozen pbn domains or so. While i think that worry is not warranted, it IS a good idea to prevent footprints as much as possible to increase link value and longevity.

For once, it is said that each link should come from a different IP. To solve this problem, it’s still quite common to resort to reseller hosting or worse „1$ Hosting“ packages.

I’ve done that too but it’s a complete noob move and just super dumb. Not only do you have to deal with hosts going down, invoices, and spreadsheets your sites will be hosted alongside other PBNs on the same IP.

I’d say its better to use premium hosting and put a couple of your properties on the same IP than to trash your expireds hosting them on toxic, pimped out IPs that have a horrible reputation in googles eyes.

Now, pbn hosting claims they have access to 350,000 Ips. That is technically true, but of course they are tapping into the IP pool of several content distribution networks (CDN).

That is similar to using cloudflare to host your network, but with more diversity. Take a look at the screenshot below which shows their current providers. You have full control over what CDN to use, but i just let the system choose one at random.

The advantage to this approach is, that your blognetwork will be hidden among hundreds of thousands of legitimate domains. Of course you won’t be getting exclusive IP adresses, and nameserver diversity can be a bit lacking but for the price, it’s the best option, for sure.

Static Content

Most of you are aware of the advantages to using WordPress. It is easy to install, easy to use and comes with a ton of useful plugins. Some people say that your PBN should not be 100% WordPress but that’s just silly. WP is the most used CMS and therefore does NOT create a footprint if you are using some common sense.

Still, there are downsides to using WP: It can be quite slow and is vulnerable to hack attempts. Especially if you are running a large Network, keeping WordPress Installations up to date is a real nightmare. You’d either have to hire a VA for that or live with Sites going down, suddenly linking out to shady, or even worse outright illegal content.

Competitors such as easyblognetworks claim to keep everything secure but why risk it.

Moreover, static sites are usually loading much faster. This reduces bounce rate and might even be a positive signal itself. In reality though, this is not always the case with pbn hosting.

While it is certainly possible to achieve these results:

Sometimes, the sites you create load considerably slower and are requesting theme files that do not exist. I don’t know why that is, but maybe there was an error during the creation of the themes used as some were ripped from the wordpress theme repository.

 Bulk Domain Management

This is where pbn hosting really shines and what makes it the best solution to quickly scale a Network. It really is a breeze to add a ton of domains to the System.

You don’t have to install wordpress, modify it to your liking (i remember easyblognetworks does create quite a few footprints by default) and all that. You CAN enter domains one by one and you CAN tinker but bulk import iself is very cool and VA friendly:

As you can see, this would also interface great with your own automation. For instance, your domain crawler could output a spreadsheet in this format and all you’d have to do is copy&paste. And fix yourself a drink. But please not before 😉

In the Interface itself, you can also switch up a few of the defaults such as permalinks, what kind of site you want (blog? Regular site? Regular site + a blog?) and that gives you a bit of control. If you were to add each domain one by one you’d be allowed more granular control though.

Wayback Downloader

If you want to run a PBN that looks legit and passes manual review, content costs WILL be extremly high. There are ways around this such as hiring a cheap VA to curate content, using public domain content and whatnot. Still, one of the easiest ways to fill your expired domain with text is to upload a copy of the domains former site.

This does come with a couple of caveats though such as publishing irrelevant content, or using articles that fall under copyright. If you still want to go this route, pbn hosting will be a tremendous asset to your toolbox:

As you can see, the wayback downloader and importer is super simple – it even auto-creates a site for you! The most brilliant feature is the „old design blog tool“ (no idea how else to call it).

With a bit of work, you can use the old sites design yet publish fresh articles. People are fooled easily and if everything LOOKS legit…helps to slow down linkloss 🙂


This Video shows you everything you need to know about this feature. In the past i’ve used but 15$ for ONE site? Nah, i’d rather save that money and build a bigger PBN now, thank you 😉


He is the creator of this tool and i’ve known him for years. I would not list him here if i would not believe that this is important. Have you heard the saying that successful investors invest in people not ideas? Same here. He’s an SEO like we are and has built this tool out of necessity, is using it himself and knows what we really knows when it comes to managing a pbn. I would say that he is a private person and NOT a guru like others.

Perhaps you’re hearing about pbn hosting for the first time today. It would not surprise me. I told him numerous times to market his tool more – and that might happen in the future. For now it’s more or less a secret compared to other services.

He truly strikes me as a trustworthy individual who is happy to help – within reason. Please don’t be an idiot contacting him, be abusive or have outrageous demands. There isn’t a big corp or a group of circle jerking SEO gurus pushing this…always keep that in mind 🙂

Of course feel free to believe this review is biased – or do what you need to do to rank, now.


“So much better than anything else I’ve ever used for managing networks. I was a beta tester and have upgraded to a paid plan. Probably have to upgrade again soon.

Really wish I’d built this, it’s amazing.”

What would Grindstone do (W.W.G.D)? Click here if you have not figured it out by now!

Tell me what’s bad

Of course, i want you to know the whole truth, so here is what i dislike about pbn hosting:

Learning Curve

I’ve used several blog network management systems before. If you take easyblognetworks for example, one has to admire the userinterface. It is super intuitive and the workflow makes sense if you know your way around wordpress sites.

With pbn hosting, you have to accept a few kinks and a not so glamorous interface. I would be lying i told you there is no learning curve. Sometimes, i got outright confused at some of the input fields labeling. Here is an example:

No, you are not supposed to paste your articles in there. In this case „Content“ means, your domain bulk import data. I mean, it makes sense but can throw you off for a second.

Furthermore, sometimes i would suggest a feature to jonny and he would tell me, that you can already do that! So if something isn’t apparant, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Fortunatly, there is a support Video Library with a few „how-to“ Videos, showing you around pbn hostings basic functionality.

I have no doubt the Interface will become better once the Tool has reached mainstream adaptation, but for now, it feels a bit raw. But then, this can be an advantage as well.

One could argue that a rather „imperfect“ user experience held back GSA SER considerably while those who could use it were profiting tremendously. So there is an upside to signing up now.


In the past months, a ton of new themes have been added to the System. This is great news, since it decreases ones overall footprint.

I have found that some themes are poorly implemented though – they are calling back to theme files that do no exist.

In Conclusion

Well, of course there is a bias since i know the creator personally. I still think that i would recommend pbn hosting if i had to be completly neutral. It is a flexible system that allows power users to quickly scale PBN site creation without having to deal with 1$ hosting and all that crap.

It is clearly built with grey and blackhats in mind, who feel no shame and just want to rank! Pumping out site after site, blasting their links all over the Web… SEO Thrills indeed.

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