Should i start a PBN? #1: A Matter of Niche

Seo trends have come and go, but PBN building is here to stay. The reason for this is simple: If done correctly, PBN link properties are virtually undetectable and therefore an amazing way to scale your SEO – if you got the ressources at hand. In this article i’m going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of building your own PBN:


What is your niche?


First of all, let’s examine your personal goals. What niche are you in and what exactly do you want to achieve? PBNs can work for all sorts of niches, but for different reasons. Let’s consider two cases here:

1. The black sheep marketer (or thrill seeker)

Isn’t it fun to just register a new domain, slap some content on it and make it rank? You like difficult and sometimes questionable niches, are a thrill seeker and want to make it rain. Cool, but the sheer amount of links needed to rank for payday loans in the US Serps can be intimidating.

Also, how are you able to aquire enough links? If you do not want to go completly blackhat by buying hacked links or spend your dead wifes life insurance on agency grade links, what options are there. Fuck, i wish spam would still work well for normal people ..just load up GSA SER and blast away… but these times are at least „on hold“ in 2017 and possibly 2018 too.

So why not do the following: Get a decent expired domain tool, put it on a server and let it rip. Don’t be too choosy when it comes to selecting domains. Get a few with decent metrics and links, create spun content using seo content machine, put them on pbn hosting  (Review)- let them age and then drip or blast links to your moneysites. Then just build build build until you are making money.

2. Mr.Niceguy

Yeah, some people like to work in niches that are very linkable. Nothing wrong with that. Anything that has to do with women stuff is probably rather easy to get links to. Recipe sites for instance, home decor and whatnot. You don’t even need to do SEO in these niches as you could just funnel traffic via pinterest, insta, fb and other social media. But this site is about SEO so let’s stick to that for now.

Would you really want to spend your time and money building a trashy pbn for these sites if you could simply create a nice resource and then have someone beg mom bloggers for links? If you were to do both, yoou’d have to spend some energy at least in making your ..say recipe site, look semi-legit with a good persona and design. What sense does it make to create a mediocre pbn, especially if you take into account, that recipe sites attract a lot of traffic but are probably not as lucrative as selling loans or RX.

If you have the time and energy i would probably recommend you to create a few pumper sites that are legit and built to send traffic to your main sites. Better SEO would be a fringe benefit in this scenario.


Ok, i think i’ve made myself clear. Creating a private blog network makes a lot of sense if you can’t easily attract whitehat links or if you got the funds to scale link creation. Many affiliate sites fall somewhere in between, i’m aware of that. How many people would want to link out to ? Only those who are completly oblivious to the commercial nature of the Internet these days…or feel bad by some false sense of having to reciprocate (I’ll let you imagine what that means….).

One way to get out of this is to create satellite sites that mimic moneysites but are not as sophisticated. Cheap, but non spun affiliate content, put on pbn hosting and then build some legit links to these miniature sites. Main advantage would be to have these sites „pay their rent“ as well as having hyper focused, super relevant links coming to your main sites.

Oh my, i’m talking too much.

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